Why Choose Java Development?

Influential Software has been recommending Java solutions to business problems for many years. When asked “Why use Java?” we are able to draw on a substantial library of work to help us deliver robust applications for our customers, and show the business value and ROI that a successful Java project can bring.

Java Platform Independence

With Java, we are able to build device-independent applications that are easily ported across platforms, ensuring the longevity of your investment. It is estimated that Java is installed on some 7 billion devices worldwide with a developer base of over 9 million, and it’s considered to be the best development environment for cross-platform applications.

Time To Market

Our depth of Java knowledge enables us to quickly build robust solutions using industry standard methodologies. At Influential Software we will always review existing libraries for generic processes (data access, messaging etc.), incorporating functionality where we can. We do not reinvent the wheel at your expense.

Multithreaded Java Applications

Influential Software is able to make full use of the multithreading capabilities of Java and we are able to build in real-time multi-tasking as required. We can meet your requirements regardless of the level of complexity.

Object Oriented Java

Our in-house development process is object-oriented from the ground up, allowing us to build robust and secure applications quickly. Our dynamic approach makes the best use of Java development tools and libraries.

Still Asking “Why Use Java?”

We offer a range of complete Java development services and packages that can take your web or application idea and build a cost-effective Java solution that can transform your business or the way your company does business.

Why not talk with a Java or business consultant today – we can help you understand your business needs, scope out your project requirements, and see if Java is the solution you need.

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